I am an aspiring software developer who will complete my AAS degree at Madison College in December of 2014. I have a background in management and sales but have always found a way to leverage my technical skills on the job. You can browse samples of my work using the menu in the header. I've included my comments on any challenges I faced and any important lessons I learned from a particular project. The majority of these projects are academic but I have included some notes on a handful of projects I completed personally or for an employer.

You may look at my code and think that this guy has a lot to learn and I do. I can't wait to learn more. In the past I was always looking for a reason to write a little program or automate some simple task. It turned out I really enjoyed it. As I went deeper down the rabbit hole I started work on more complex, and more rewarding projects. I realized that coding was something I can lose myself in for hours or days at a time. I love the problem solving. There's nothing better than those ah-ha moments when you figure something out.

I've really enjoyed all of my coursework but I'm looking forward to transitioning to the working world. I'd like to work on a project as my sole focus. A sixteen week class is great but a forty hour a week job would be even better.

You'll find my redacted resume and contact information below. Just get in touch with me if you'd like to see the unabridged version. I've arranged my schedule for the semester so I am available Monday through Friday until 5:30PM. I hope you like what you see and that I'll hear from you soon.


-Brian Manning